This site is dedicated to tips & tricks, as well as match strategies for Goh Hinogami (剛日守), the master-judoka in Sega AM2's Virtua Fighter series.

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

Debutting in Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, Goh as a character was relatively difficult to play (and win consistently with), due to his poor range game, lack of good low attacks, and slow pokes. As it was his (and newcomer Brad) first appearance in the series, he did not receive the same balance or fine-tuning that the other characters enjoyed over the several revisions, and was thus considered to be low-tier characters by Japanese-players.

However, his interesting character design (a stark contrast to the rest of the cast), coupled with his deadly, yet articulate execution of Judo techniques (his many diverse throws, his unique Kumiteharai to Tsukami grab (,), drew the attention of both newcomers and veterans alike, and injected attitude to the series.

Gameplay-wise, his strengths included: strong throw-game & above-average sabakis

Virtua Fighter 4: Final Tuned

In Virtua Fighter 4's next iteration, Final Tuned, Goh received some (much-needed) upgrades in his range-game, in the form of his Garyuu kick () and Forward Roll (). In addition, his previously non-existant Back-Turned game was revised, with several attack options made available, such as his BT string, and an unescapable BT-throw (BT )

Also warmly welcomed was his spectacular Basara three-hit throw combo. While its difficult execution (which bore a resemblance to Akira's Stun Palm of Doom) was nothing to sneer at, the heavy damage it rewarded in damage (not to mention the look on your opponent's face) was well-worth practising for.

Virtua Fighter 5

With Virtua Fighter 5, Goh as a character is now more fleshed-out, and made more newcomer-friendly. His ability to combo also dramatically increased; with his new Kirin () launcher and Fudousatsu Arata () re-launcher, Goh now has some amazing combo opportunities at his command.

Now, as a fully-rounded character with moves available to counter any specific situation, Goh is finally ready to leave a lasting impression in Virtua Fighter history!

Quotes: Round opening

(Goh points to the ground)
Japanese: "Aso bo ka?"
English: "(We gonna) play here?"

Japanese: "Anshin-shiro. Suguni owari."
English: "Don't worry. It will be over soon."

Quotes: Round victory

Japanese: "Ichi-kara, iya, zero-kara yari na oh-shite koi."
English: "From the first step... nah, start all over again from zero."

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